Pilgrimage « On the Footsteps of Moshe - Moses - Moussa »


The Exhibition « On the Footsteps of Moshe - Moses - Moussa »

is part of a dream: launching a project of Cultural Tourism in the Middle East.
This project has been presented at the "UNESCO'S Mediterranean Multaqa, Agrigento", Italy, in 1998.

Its aim is to trace the biblical path of Moshe - Moses - Moussa: the « EXODUS », a Road of Pilgrimage for Peace crossing the Egypt Sinai, Israel and Jordan from the delta of the Nile to Mount Nebo, while respecting the local flora and fauna and using as relay a chain of ecolodges, to be created or already existing in large numbers.

May Peace radiate from the Sinai, so often bruised in its history.

May its environment, so fragile, be preserved by promoting ecotourism, by recycling solid and organic waste, and by developing the cultivation of the precious medicinal plants growing on its soil, following the example set by Hakim Ahmed Mansour.










This project "On the footsteps of Moshe Moses- Moussa " fits perfectly in Sinai and can also produce economic benefits to the so often forgotten people of the desert.
This exhibition was created in April 2000 in the framework of the festivities for the Second Millenium in Bethlehem, Palestine.

The exhibition is accompanied by a letter from UNESCO.

Dear Annelie,

On the occasion of your photo exhibition « In the footsteps of Moses" at the International Center of Bethlehem, in the framework of Bethlehem  2000, the Department of Intercultural Dialogue and Pluralism of UNESCO wishes to warmly congratulate you for this initiative that fits perfectly in the program of the Inter religious Dialogue of the Organization: « The Routes of Faith".
These millenary roads  of spirit and faith, on the footsteps of the patriarchs and the prophets, are a spiritual heritage for all men of good will, especially those who claim to stem from the common Father Abraham.

The road you have traced, on the footsteps of Moses, whose focal  point is the Sinai, represents the mecca of inspiration and breath for the spirit, the message received by Moshe / Moses / Moussa in the form of  the Deecalogue, the very foundation of our ethical values.

Showing the relevance of this message through the writings of the children of Abraham, the Torah, the Gospels and the Koran, you show them the deep interactions between their traditions and the need to deepen their knowledge of the Other.

May the children and young people visiting the exhibition recognize themselves in the Other and feel the desire to spread to the whole World the message of their common fathers.

We encourage your bold initiative and we hope that this exhibition can be replicated in other venues all along the "Roads of Faith",  and lead here to UNESCO as a pedagogical illustration of these « Roads ».
(Tansmitted by fax, translated from French)



Rosa Guerreiro
UNESCO, Paris,
Routes of Faith

The figure of Moses, as the founding prophet of three related religions, impacts specifically the Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions.
Starting from the places of the Captivity and following the various stages of the Exodus you will walk along the historic route, led and to a large extent hosted by Bedouins; you will symbolically cross your own Red Sea, and then the desert, and the Jordan...

You will contact your inner Moses and the powerful energies inside you, you will experience your unsuspected energy and psychological resources that will allow you to walk along the path of liberation till your Promised Land, while starting a healing process for both the individuals and the region around you.


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Consider the achievements of: abrahampath.org, a proposal for a pilgrimage to UNESCO’s Mediterranean Multaqa, Agrigento in 1998, successfully operational ever since 2006 in Turkey, (Syria ), Israel and Palestine.

Round Table and cultural and intercultural routes.

President: Salah Eldine Ben Said (Vice President of the CMC).
Speakers: S.E.M Avi Shoket, Ambassador of Israel to UNESCO,
Annelie Campion, Belgium (Abraham’s Journey))
Speaker: Nehad Said, Egypt (Via Maris, Exodus Road). 

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Annelie Lohr-Campion-pt  
Non Profit Association Ouvertures a.s.b.l., Annelie Löhr-Campion, Belgium

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Dr. : What is your goal in making this exhibition?

AC : I dream of opening the borders between Egypt, Israel and Jordan for the youth of the world : may they be allowed to travel  between the three countries, to enjoy the charm of this sacred region of the world and learn to live in peace and acceptance of the other.

Extract from an interview with Annelie Campion  (AC)
Al Ahram International, the 22.11.2002,
by Dr. Thabet Eid, Lugano, Switzerland

 Read more :  here the English translation,
                         here the original (Arabic).



Round Table and cultural and intercultural routes.

President: Salah Eldine Ben Said (Vice President of the CMC).

Speakers: S.E.M Avi Shoket, Ambassador of Israel to UNESCO,

Annelie Campion, Belgium (Abraham’s Journey))

Speaker: Nehad Said, Egypt (Via Maris, Exodus Road).