ile-du-PharaonIsle of Pharao, Geziret Faraun, Golfe d'Aqaba, Red Sea, Sinai, Egypt
From the restored castle, constructed by Baudouin 1st, King of Jerusalem in 1160, taken and reinforced in 1170 by Salâh ad-Din Yûsuf (Saladin), abandoned via 1320 by the Mamelouks (Ottomans), One have a splendid vieuw over EGYPT, ISRAEL, JORDAN

Annelie’s Dream

Annelie's Dream is to instore the Riviera of Red Sea, between 4 countries, without borders, in Peace and security, emerging from the Symbolism of Sinai.
I adhere completely to the quotations :

Sinai and  Peace

In a more philosophical than scientific way, the Sinai is the place where Peace is restored.
The force of this symbol must bring us, still today, to question us on the responsability of men, in the failure in the Peace of Alliance.
Which place is more appropriate than the Sinai to make progress this reflection?

Thomas Gergely
(Translated from French)

If only the World wanted !

Save the world.

No longer an exercise of wishful thinking, lost in the clouds of promises, this dream of the prophets of Israel, of the apostles of Jesus Christ, of Muhammad and his companions, is becoming today a requirement on which the survival not only of humanity, but of the planet itself is increasingly dependent.
My dream is to see the religions, which used to act as powerful brakes, become accelerators in the march of humanity towards the achievements of its original unity.
Astronauts never meet borders in their travels along the roads of heaven.
Let us get rid of our borders, of all those boundaries within which we have confined ourselves, and first of all the borders erected around us by selfishness.
The key to our freedom certainly lies in the Ten Commandments. Let us re-read them, let them become, with their audacity, our rule of life - in a surge of detachment, light and union in love.

« Les Dix Commandements aujourd'hui », The Ten Commandements today, André Chouraqui
Editions Robert Laffont, 2000, Paris, Translated from French

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Non Profit Association Ouvertures a.s.b.l., Annelie Löhr-Campion, Belgium

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