cosmos-l-brachet"Cosmos" de Lise Brachet

Thank you, Merci, Dank U, Vielen Dank

to the Authorities, Associations, Personalities, Volunteers.
In due course, they knew to be with listening, enriched me
with their knowledge since 1995 till today.
They have been inspired by my projects and my enthusiasm.
They are still active today in this way of the 


Annelie Löhr-Campion, Non Profit Association Ouvertures,
Brussels, Belgium


  • Pascale Campion, Brussels, Belgium
  • M. Mohamed Tamajnit, for his invaluable accompaniment and his infinite patience
  • M. Ivo Tampieri, Brussels, Belgium
    for his compassion to mankind and the English version of our website on voluntary basis.


  • 04-06-2010: FES Festival of World Sacred Music, Morocco
    The 16th edition is intitled:”Jouney of Initiation”.
    Conferences: at the Batha Museum, Fès
    “The Inside Travel”, travel into the scriptures.
    “The pilgrimage”: ( Mgr. Shoufani, Israel, intervener)
  • Concert: of Jordi Savall, Spain
    Hesperion XXI, La Capella Reial de Cataluña and musicians from Europe, Middle East, Maghreb and Asia.
    Jerusalem, city of 2 peaces:
    “Celestial Peace and terrestrial Peace”
    Magic trip out of time in between Sufi music and Hebrew lamentations. Sanctified through the 3 Monotheistic Religions of the Mediterranean. Jerusalem become rapidly a desired and invocated town through pilgrims and other kind. Jerusalem was more than 40 times destroyed during its long history.

Morocco, soil of Islam, is proud to have been open through the ages to 2 other religions, Christianity and Judaism for cohabitation with Islam and this in a climate of traditional Moroccan tolerance, still perpetuate and to have written this into the annals of History with honour.

His Majesty, The King Mohammed VI


  • M. Alain Michel “Hommes de Parole”, Geneva, CH.
    Thanks to Mrs Annelie Campion for her helping hand to
    “Imams and Rabbis for Peace”, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Ms. Chantal Noël, Belgium, alderman of cults (CDH),
    founder of “The Interconvictional Platform of Brussels”, Brussels City Hall.
  • Participation of the Exhibition “On the footsteps of Moshe-Moses-Moussa”
    at “The Interfaith Week”, “Se rencontrer, pour mieux se connaître”,
    “Meeting to better know each other” ancient City Hall of Laeken, Brussels, Belgium.


  • European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.
    “Dialogue between People and Cultures”.
    Les Acteurs du Dialogue, DG EAC, action Jean Monet, participation.
  • Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste-au-Beguinage, Brussels, Belgium,
    ”Exhibition and Religious Polyphonies”.
    Meeting between the Three Monotheistic Religions, participation of
    “On the Footsteps of Moshe-Moses-Moussa”, Collective Exhibition.
  • Dr. Phil. Michael Krupp, Israel
    Israel Interfaith Association, Editor, Hebrew University, Jerusalem,.
  • Ms. Yolande Iliano, Brussels, Belgium
    Elected President of Religions for Peace-Europe.
    For her professionalism and vision.
  • Eye opening conference, July 2004 at ULB, Free University of Brussels, Belgium, about, Israeli. Zionist.
    Fighter. Refuser. I learned: "We shall not continue to fight beyond the 1967 borders in order to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people and declare that we continue serving in the Israeli Forces in any mission that serves Israel's defense".


  • Mr. Erol Colakovic Sehic, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
    Filmmaker, producer, photographer,
    Support for the Exhibition of “Na Tragovina Moshe-Mojsesa-Musse”,
  • Prof. Dr. Fra Marko Orsolic, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
    IMIC: International Multireligious Center,
    Exhibition “Na Tragovina Moshe-Mojsesa-Musse “.
  • Mr Jacob Finci, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Director, La Benevolencija.
    Exhibition “Na Tragovina Moshe-Mojsesa-Musse “.
  • Dr. Caroline Hornstein, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Director, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Round Table young people.
    at The National Gallery
  • Fridtjof Nansen Dialogue Centre, Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Mr. Nebojsa Savija-Valha, Presse Conference and support.
    Exhibition “Na Tragovina Moshe-Mojsesa-Musse “.


  • World Prayer for Peace, Interfaith meeting,
    Assisi, Italy on 24.1.2002, H.H. Pope John Paul II.
    Participation in the eve before peace prayer at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, Assisi, "Justice and Peace Embrace".
  • Jutta Sperber, Dr. Theol. Germany.
    Institute for Religions Studies and Inter-Faith Theology, Münster.
    Support for the Exhibition “Sui Passi di Mosè” at Lugano, CH.
  • Mr. Thabet Mohamed Eid, CH
    Manager of the Eid Media & Consulting Gmbh, Zürich.
    Interview of Annelie Campion, The Photo-Exhibition of
    “Sui passi di Mosè”, Lugano, CH, for “Al Ahram International” Egypt.
  • Pastore Giuseppe La Torre, Dr. Azzolino, Prof.Chiaffini,
    Werner Hönigsberg, Bianca Pastrocchi, CH
    Amicizia Ebraico-Christiana del Sottoceneri, Lugano.
    Facultè di Teologia di Lugano.
    “Sui Passi di Mosè” Organisation.
  • Rev. Paul de Cock, Brussels, Belgium
    Church Saint Adrien,
    Exhibition “ On the footsteps of Moshe-Moses-Moussa”.


  • Joachim Hempel, Dean of the Brunswick Cathedral, Germany
    The Brunswick Cathedral. Lutheran Church of Brunswick.
    Hosting the Exhibition “Auf den Spuren Moshe-Moses-Moussa”.


  • Jutta Sperber, Dr. Theol. Germany
    Institute for Religions Studies and Inter-Faith Theology, Münster.
    Support to the Exhibition “On the Footsteps of Moshe-Moses-Moussa”
    in 2000, Bethlehem, Palestine
  • Rev. Dr.Mitri Raheb, Palestine
    The International Center of Bethlehem.
    Exhibition “On the Footsteps of Moshe-Moses-Moussa” 2000.
    President of the Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran
    Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.
    Founder and President of Diyar Consortium.
    Founder and President of Dar al-Kalima College.
    Co-Founder and President of “Bright Stars of Bethlehem”.
    Pastor of the Ev. Luth. Christmas Church, Bethlehem.
  • Rev. Dr. Munib Younan, Palestine
    Was elected on 2010 as President of the Lutheran World Federation that represents 145 churches in 79 countries, 70 millions of Christians.
  • Eliyahu Mc Lean, Israel
    Cheikh Abdul Aziz al Boukhari, Israel
    Haj Ibrahim Abu el Hawa, Israel
    Jerusalem Peacemakers 
    Eliyahu Mc Lean, director, organizes monthly interreligious Israeli-Palestinian peace gatherings in East and West Jerusalem.Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Druze leaders, working together to reclaim religion as a source for peace.
  • The Maimonide Foundation, U.K
    Mediating The Other, Jews, Christians, Muslims and the Media,
    Conference Taba Hilton, Sinai, Egypt, Participation.
  • The Peres Center for Peace, Israel
    Egypt-Israel Tourism Conference,
    Taba, Sinai, Egypt and Eilat, Israel
    Finding Joint Solutions, Participation.
  • Baroness Elisabeth (Betty) Le Hodey, Belgium
    on 23.11.2000: support of the meeting between Mgr. Emile Shoufani, Nazareth, Israel, and H.E. Shaul Amor, Ambassador of Israel in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Ms. Emmanuelle Franck, Brussels, Belgium.
     Thanks for her logistic help and more on voluntary basis.


  • Unesco, Paris, France
    The Middle East Routes: Abraham’s Journey, the Via Maris Route, Incense Route, Conference, participation.


Participation in Conferences in Belgium with:

  • His Holiness the XVth Dalai-Lama Tenzin Gyatso
    Since 1959, Chief of the Tibetan government in exile.
    Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 1989.
    " The importance is not to be converted to a religion, the importance is to be transformed to be able to contribute to the peace in the world. "
    Dalai Lama, Brussels 2006, quote from the book “ Mandala”.


  • Mr.G.H. Dumont, Belgium
    National Commission of UNESCO, Brussels.
    Patronage for the Sinai Project 1999 or 2000, “Environment and Peace”.
  • Mr.Jacques Moreillon, Geneva, CH
  • Impressif meeting on 14.02.1998 with Ms Yousriya Loza Sawiris, El Gouna, Egypt. Secretary General for Sawiris Foundation for Social Development. Founding President of the Association for the Protection of the Environment (APF). Former Member of the Egyptian Parliament.
    The Egyptian Organization for Street Children. National Council for Childhood and Motherhood. Chairperson and Director of the Enhancement of the Services and Waste Recycling, S.A.E.
  • Mr.Fawzi Farghali, Cairo, Egypt
    The World Organization of the Scout Movement, Jamboree, Rover Camp, Mount Sinai, Egypt, 1999 or 2000.
  • Audience on 25.4.1998 at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, with Sheikh Fawzi al-Zafzaf, leading academician, deputy rector of the Islamic University Al-Azhar, Cairo,
    representative of H.E. Dr. Mohamed Sayed Tantawy, Grand Imam
    of Al-Azhar, for discussions about the project:
    "Environment and Peace", Sinai 2000.
  • Conference UNESCO’S Mediterranean Multaqa, Agrigento, Italy
    “Circulation Intermediterranean”, Abraham’s Journey, Round Table, Cultural and Intercultural Tourism.
    President: Salah Eldine Ben Said (vice President of CMC)
    H.E. Mr. Avi Shoket, Ambassador of Israel to UNESCO (Abraham’s Journey).
    Ms. Annelie Campion, Belgium, (Abraham’s Journey).
    Mr. Nehad Said, Egypt (Via Maris, Exodus Route).
  • Dr. Avner Goren, Israel
    Chief Archaeologist for the Sinai for over 30 years as well the Country Director for the Abraham Path Project. Avner lived and worked among Bedouin in the
    shadow of Mt. Sinai for 15 years.
    Now he's applying his knowledge of Arab culture to help bridge the Israeli-Arab divide. 17.4.2013.
    When Avner Goren walks in the door, thousands of years of history come sweeping in like the desert sands.
  • Mr. André Chouraqui, Algeria, France, Israel
    Prophet of Love and Hope was a lawyer, writer, thinker, politician,
    Vice-Mayor of Jerusalem, one of the counsellors of Ben Gourion,
    Man of the Three Books.
  • Prof. Ehsan Naraghi, France, Iran
    Iranien sociologue and historian, Counsellor for 16 years of the General Director of UNESCO, Mr.Federico Mayor of Zaragoza.
    His Book « From Palace to Prison, Inside the Iranian Revolution ».
    He was the only Iranian who was twice decorated from the « Légion d’Honneur » of France. First time by Charles de Gaulle, second time by François Mitterand. He saved lifes.
  • The CRIF of France.
  • Mr Nehad Said, Egypt,
    his logistical support to the photo-reportage inside Sinai for
    the exhibition "On the footsteps of Moshe-Moses-Moussa".
  • Hans Westerling, Belgium
    Naturopath-Stress coach, freelance photographer, photojournalist.
    "Natur & Conservation" projects, lectures, workshops,
    books, TV documentaries and photo exhibitions.
    Co-photographer " On the Footsteps of Moshe-Moses-Moussa".
  • Mgr. Damianos, Sinai, Egypt
    Archbishop of the Monastery Saint Katherine.
    Agreed to take pictures inside the Monastery.
  • -Dr. John Grainger, Sinai, Egypt.
    Director, Protectorate of Saint Katherine.
  • Dr. Alain Jeudy de Grissac,
    Project Manager, National Parks of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Dr. John Dinsmore, President «Wildlife Sinai Projects».
    Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt.
  • Eng. Sherif El-Ghamrawy, Sinai, Egypt.
    Hemaya NGO, Basata Village
    Environment Conservation and Preservation, Nuweiba.
  • Ms. Nikki Priestley, P.R. and Environment Coordinator.
    Hilton Sharm El-Sheikh, Taba Hilton Resort, Hilton Fayrous Resort, Sinai, Egypt.
  • Hotel Taba Hilton, Sinai, Egypt.
    should deserve to receive the Nobel Peace Prize ever given to an hotel for its Situation, Engagement, its Historic Past and Presence, its countless conferences for Peace.
  • Dr. Rabia Barty, Abanoub Travel, Nuweiba, Egypt
  • Ms. Emma Loveridge, UK,
    Director, Wind, Sand and Stars, Travel Agency, specialists in the Sinai, London.
  • Ms. Sabera Neeltje Machat, Germany,
    Trans Inside Travel, meditation in the desert, and
    the Bedouins of Sheikh Selim Barakat, Serabit El Khadem, Sinai, Egypt.
  • Mr. Shmuel Rifman, Israel,
    Chairman, Ramat Negev Regional Council.
  • Mr. Iftah Frejlich,Israel,
    Manager, Mashabei Sadeh.
  • Mr. Ofer Har-Tov, Israel
    Manager, Eco Tourism Beerotayim, Halutza.
  • Mr. Seffi Hanegbi, Israel
    President,NGO «Desert Expeditions along the Routes of Peace» Shaharut.
  • Mr. Danny Hoffmann, Israel
    “The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies”, Chevel Eilot.
  • Mr. Yair Dalal, Israel,
    Israeli musician of Iraqi-Jewish descent.
    In 1994, he wrote and performed the song “Zaman el Salaam”and a choir of Israeli and Palestinian Children during the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony for Rabin, Peres and Arafat.


  • Patronage of UNESCO, Paris, France
    M. Federico Mayor, General Director of UNESCO
    M. Doudou Diene, Director
    Division for Intercultural Projects, UNESCO
    MmeRosa Guerreiro,  specialist “Roads of Faith”, section
    for “Events to Promote Peace”, 1997, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Patronage European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
    Mr.Marc Pierini DG 1B,
    “Events to Promote Peace”, 1997, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Dr. Ron Kronish, Israel,
    Rabbi, Director, Educator, Author, Lecturer, Speaker.
    ICCI, Interreligious Coordinating Council, Israel
  • René Samuel Sirat, France
    High Rabbi of France (1981-1987),
    President of the permanent council of the conference of European Rabbis.
  • Rabbi Lionel Blue, OBE, U.K.
    Vice-Chairman, standing Conference of Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe.
  • Mr. Emile Moatti, France, Israel.
    Representative of the “Fraternité d’ Abraham” (France) in Jerusalem, Israel. Founding member of “Artisans de Paix”,
    “Knight of the Légion d’Honneur”, France
  • Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, Palestine
    The International Center of Bethlehem, German Media Prize.
  • Mgr. Flavien Joseph Melki, Lebanon
    Syrian Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch, Beyrouth.
  • Dr.Kenneth Milne, Ireland
    Ecumenical European Commission for Church and Society.
    The General Synod.
  • Prof. Dr Bichara Khader, Belgium
    Research and Study Centre of the Contemporary Arab World, UCL, Louvain
  • Brother Emmanuel Nkatarutimana, Burundi
    Advisor of the Dominican Order for Africa in Rome, Italy.
    Catholic priest of the order “Frères Prêcheurs”.
    President of the National Independent Commission of Human Rights (CNIDH) in Burundi.
  • Mgr. Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo, Bishop of Dili, East Timor
    Nobel PEACE PRIZE laureate 1996, for the research of a pacific resolution during the conflict in East Timor.
  • Sheikh Adlen Khaled Bentounes, Algeria
    Master Sufi of the Tariqa Alawiya (Shadiliya Darqawiya-Alawiya), Mostaganem.
    Thinker, Mediator, Founder of the Muslim Scout Movement in France and Belgium.
    Honorary President AISA:” International Association Soufie Alawiya”.
    A Sufi in the duty of Interreligious Dialogue.
  • Dr. Aly Elsamman, France, Egypt
    President of ADIC,” International Union for the Dialogue Judeo-Islamo-Christian and Education for Peace”.
    Advisor for information and collaborator of late President Anouar El Sadate during the Peace Process of Camp David.
    Member of the High Islamic Council, Egypt.
    Officer of the “Légion d’Honneur” France.
  • Dr Chadly Fitouri, Tunisie
    Doctor of Human Science, pedagogic section.
    Professor at the Tunis University.
    Detached next to UNESCO.
  • Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Aboulkhair Zaki Badawi, UK
    Principal of «The Muslim College», London.
    Prominent Egyptian Islamic scholar, promoter of interfaith dialogue, writer.
    Honorary Knight Commander of the “Order of the British Empire” U.K.
    Grand Cross of «The Royal Order of St Francis», U.K.
    Chairman of the Shariah Council, U.K.
    Chairman of the Imams and Mosques Council, U.K.
    Vice Chairman of the World Congress of Faiths U.K.
    Member of :
    The High Council of Islamic Affairs (Egypt).
    The World Council for Islamic Call (Libya).
    The Mu’tama Al Alam al Islami (Pakistan).
    Director of the Islamic Banking System, Luxemburg 1982-1986.
  • Dr. Mithkal Natour, Israel
    Professor of Islamic Law.
    Vice-President of the ICCI: Interreligious Coordinating Council, Israel.
    Author of two books officially used on the family laws in Israel.
  • Mr. Frans Goetghebeur, Belgium
    Principal actor of the Buddhist implantation in Belgium and Europe.
    Since 30 years next to the Tibetan Institutes of Schoten, Brussels, Huy, Cadzand,…
    Founding member of Non-Profit-Association Ouvertures a.s.b.l., Belgium
  • Lama Karta, Belgium
    was Buddhist monk and a Tibetan musician.
    Director of the Buddhist Centre of Schoten, Brussels, Huy and Cadzand.
    He invited H.E. the Dalai-Lama 6 times to Belgium.
    Teaching of Buddhism, meditation and Yoga.
    Thousand thanks for having given me confidence into myself.
  • Lama Denys Teundroup, France
    Honorary European President of the Buddhist Federation.
    French Master, Buddhist, Kagyapa tradition of the Tibetan Buddhism.
    Karma Ling Institute, France.
  • Sister Jayanti, India
    Director of the London Branch of the Brahma Kumaris
    World Spiritual University, London, U.K.
  • Prof. André Frognier, Belgium
    UCL, Institute of Science Politics Louvain Europe,(ISPOLE).
  • Prof. Thomas Gergely, Belgium
    Director of the Martin Buber Institute, Brussels Free University, ULB.
  • Prof. Julien Klener, Belgium
    Universities of Gand and Liège.
    President of the Central Israelite Consistory of Belgium.
    Ennoblement in 2007.
  • Prof. Ahmed Mahfoud, Belgium
    Professor of Islamic religion, NGO:”Al Fouad”.
    Architect, author, calligrapher, creator of cartoons.
  • Sir Sigmund Sternberg, UK
    Philanthropist, Interfaith campaigner, businessman and Labour Party donor.
    The Sigmund Sternberg Centre, The Three Faiths Forum, London,
    « Duties and Rights » A challenge to the Three Faiths, participation.
  • Ms Erika Witthuhn, Belgium
    Independent translator, “International College of Peace”, Brussels.
    Thank you as a translator for the Round Table Youth,
    Hotel Hilton, Brussels.
  • Mr Uwe Morawetz, Germany, Austria
    The International Peace Foundation, Founding Chairman.
    The Foundation is the only organisation in the world that enjoys the patronage
    of over 21 Nobel laureates.
    Our meeting in Berlin on 19.07.1998.
  • Nicole Quetin, Belgique
    “Matière Grise Consult”
    whose good relationships made it possible to place free with Hilton, Brussels, artists and speakers of the “Events to Promote Peace” -
  • Mr.Andreas Keller, Belgium
    Hilton Brussels, for his generosity.
  • -Mr. Chawki Armali, Belgium
    was the reprentative of the PLO, Belgium.
  • Mr. Hicham el Farra, Head of the Euro-Palestinian Economic and Consultancy Unit to E.U, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Mr. Marc Campine, Belgium
    was researcher at the VUB: Vrije Universiteit of Brussels,
    Compared philosophy, humanist.
    Close friend of Asbl Ouvertures, Brussels.
  • Père Pierre-Marie Delfieu, France.
    Founder of the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem in Germany, Belgium, Canada, France (6 centres), Italy (4 centres) and Poland.
    Brotherhood of Jerusalem, Magdala, France,
    Interreligious Dialog retreat
  • Mathieu Ricard, France
    Tibetan Buddhist monk, philosopher, writer, speaker, French translator-interpreter of the Dalai-Lama.
    Son of the French journalist and philosopher Jean-François Revel (RICARD).
  • Mgr Emile Shoufani, Israel
    Meeting with Mgr. Shoufani on 09/09/1997 in Brussels.
    Archimandrite of the Greek-Catholic - Melkite church of the Holy-Land.
    Theologian, educator, Arab-Christian, Israeli citizenship, Peace Activist.
    Association: ”Mémoire pour la Paix” France.
    Dr.h.c. at UCL, Louvain, Belgium.
  • Mr. Mithat Serhadlioglu, Brussels, Belgium
    for the support in the Concert “Ouverture for Peace”, Palais des Beaux-Arts.
  • Mr. & Ms Yvon Durieux, Belgium
    for their precious support
  • Meeting with Bruno Stephens, Brussels, Belgium in 1997.
    After working as a music engeneer, Bruno Stephens decides to become a photojournaliste, a war reporter, in 1998, writer.
    He has worked in : Mexico, Haiti, ex-Jugoslavia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, India, Israel, Palestine (Gaza 2009), Iraq, Darfour, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia, Angola, Lebanon, Cambodia, Algeria, Iran, Laos, Tunisia, Lybia, Georgia, China, USA.
  • ASBL « Vie d’enfant » Belgium
    –Banque Triodos, Belgium
    -CII, Conference Interprètes International, Belgium
    –Nikon, De Beukelaer, Belgium.
    -Snoeck Ducajou en Zoon, Imprimeurs, Belgium
    -d’Ieteren, Belgium
  • Courrier :
    18.12.1997 : The World Peace Prayer Society, Japan Office, Japan
    26.09.1997 : The Episcopal Diocese of California, URI,
    The Rev.William E. Swing, USA
    17.06.1997 : Pax Christi International, Brussels, Belgium
    Mr. Etienne De Jonghe, secrétaire international
    17.10.1997 : World Congress of Faiths, Rev.Marcus Braybrooke, director, UK.


  • Mr. G. H. Dumont, Belgium
    UNESCO’ S National Commission.
    Patronage for “Events to Promote Peace”, Brussels 1997.
  • 24-05-1996: Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, Morocco
    Citation of Dr.Faouzi Skali, Director General of the Festival
    The 2nd edition of the Festival is entitled: “The Sacred, a Hymn of Life”
    The chants and praises of the fervour of men, the hymns to life remind us of this sense of Beauty, of Harmony that our era needs so desperately to discover.
  • 31-03-1996: Belgium.
    ”Towards Europe 2000,, Religions, Ethics and Solidarity”
    “The convergences between the different believes as a base for Solidarity?”
    Under the patronage of Mr. Daniel Tarchys, secretary general of the European Council and Lord Yeudi Menuhim.
    Meeting with Dr. Faouzi Skali, Morocco, Intervener in this Symposium,
    teacher :Sciences of Education at the grand school at Fes Morocco.
    Faouzi Skali is Doctor of State in Anthropology, Etymology and Religious sciences.
    Director of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music.
    Issued from a family of Sharifs ( descendants of the Prophet) and member of a Sufi Tariqa. He is giving conferences and seminaries about “The Sufi Way”.
  • The Tolerance Square, UNESCO, France
    Meeting the environmental installation of Dani Karavan, artist.
    The Square, donation made by the State of Israel and the artist, inaugurated May 1st 1996,in presence of Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres,
    Federico Mayor, Director of UNESCO and Ms Leah Rabin, dedicated to the promotion of Peace by UNESCO and in homage to the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who had a significant role concerning peace in the Middle East, assassinated November 4, 1995.
    On the stone wall the visitor can find the preamble of UNESCO's Constitution engraved in 10 languages: Arabic, Hebrew, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian:
    "Since wars begin in the mind of men, it is in the mind of men that the defences of peace must be constructed."
    Karavan has received numerous awards linked to the promotion of peace around
    the world by works on public commissions.
    Participation on invitation.
  • H. E. Mr. Avi Shoket, Israel
    Israeli Ambassador permanent delegation next to UNESCO, Paris, France.
    Israeli International Commission for UNESCO.
  • Mr. Ernst Meinrath, Belgium
    composer, conductor, actor. With the influence of Paris at the genesis of his early music training, this classically trainer composer progressed to write and perform across the music spectrum, and is making his impact on Hollywood.
    His listening, help, accompaniment to UNESCO, Paris, gave another direction to my life.
  • Lise Brachet, Belgium
    Internationally known artist of imaginary paintings.
    Exhibitions in: Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, London, Tokyo, Palestine, New York.
    Thank you Lise for your presence.
  • Prof. Dr. Dr.-Ing. h. c. Bernhard Kiekenap, Germany
    Manager and historian, our families were friends.
    His book (1990), The history of Schapen, (1224 until today) a village next to Brunswick, approached me to my native Village.
    All his historical books (19th-20th century) introduce me to my birth place, even covering the Nazi period.
    Dr. Kiekenap participated in the construction of the first Brussels based NATO building in 1967, Belgium.


  • Extraordinary meeting with Louise "Pisla" Helmstetter (1926-2013), Gypsy,
    on 25.11.1995 at the concert "From the Sitar to the Guitar",
    together with Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar in Brussels, Belgium.
    Visiting Pisla, the oldest alsatian gypsy and faithful yearly pilgrim
    to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, in Barr, France. She survived Nazi raids.
    Pisla aheaded us in 2013 at the age of 86. I remember her sentence:
    "Too bad that people of heart and reason are not people of power."

Special mention for permanent contacts and cross-servicing for this period

  • Mr. Frans Goetghebeur, Belgium.
    Tibetain Institute Yeunten-Ling, Huy.
    Cofounder “ Asbl Ouvertures “.
  • Ms. Rosa Guerreiro, Paris, France,
    Division of Cultural Politicies and Interreligious Dialogue UNESCO.
  • Ms. Madeleine Frapier, France, «Artisans de Paix»
    Support to the realization of her dream of a lot of land in the Sinai, Egypt,
    focal point of the Earth.
    Steps to this have been undertaken two times, on a self-financed basis, with H.E.Mr. Afifi, the Governor of South Sinai
    (Governors Offices) in El Tur and Sharm el Sheikh on 02/07/1998 at 12 noon.
    Forwarding a letter from Prof. Edmond Lisle (Artisans de Paix, France) translated into Arabic by Ghaleb Bencheikh, France, to the attention of an economic consultant, Egypt, who owned several lots available in the Sinai.
    Following a subsequent journey to the Sinai by Madeleine Frapier (95 years), President of "Artisans de Paix", her land was made available. My commitment to her cause did not go any further than this point!
    Best wishes for the "Artisans de Paix", France to obtain a lot of land in Sinai, Egypt.
  • Ms. Lisbeth Knox-Peebles and her army of angels
  • Mr. Emile Moatti, France, Israel
    La Fraternité d’Abraham, Artisans de Paix.
  • Dr. Aly Elsamman, ADIC, France and Egypt
  • Sheikh Adlen Khaled Bentounes, Algeria.
    Honorary President AISA:” International Association Soufie Alawiya”
    The Muslim Scout Movement, France and Belgium
  • Hans Westerling, Belgium, co-photographer “On the Footsteps of Moshe-Moses-Moussa”

For the moral permanent support

  • Mr. M. Macchias, Belgian artist, poet, song writer.
  • Mr. Moshe Na’Or, Israel.
    The beginning!

For material and logistic support

  • Michel Campion

signature annelie

Annelie Löhr-Campion, asbl "OUVERTURES"

Annelie Lohr-Campion-pt  
Non Profit Association Ouvertures a.s.b.l., Annelie Löhr-Campion, Belgium

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-Mr. Mithat Serhadlioglu, Bruxelles
pour le soutien du Concert au Palais des Beaux  Arts.
- Mr. Mithat Serhadlioglu, Brussels for the support in the Concert for the Palace of Beautiful arts.
- Mr. and Mrs. Yvon Durieux, Belgium, for the video report carried out voluntarily

-Mr et Mme Yvon Durieux, Belgique,
pour le reportage vidéo exécuté bénévolement