palais b-a-ptConcert Hall: Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels*

« Ouvertures to Peace »

Gala Concert of Sacred Music at the occasion of "Events to Promote Peace" 13/14.09.1997

Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium
on 13.9.1997

Full house: 2200 places

Our wish

It is with a view to such meeting, or discovery, toward this opening proposed by our great traditions that the organisers of the concert invite all the attendees to join in a spiritual feast.

What we will learn to know and what we will think thereafter may well, by morphic resonance, influence the whole world.

« There will no longer be question of Greek or Jew, circumcised or not, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free man » (St. Paul).


After Paris and Brussels, the next meeting took place in Fes in 1996 with Dr. Faouzi Skali, Director of the World Sacred Music Festival, Fès, Morocco, a venue for inter-faith cult.
Sacred music, fragrant with the perfumes of the holy city of Fes, was able to release the true expression of my heart, revealing the desire to transmit the experience, and I could not, in such state of mind, resist the temptation to share and offer the same concert to all people seeking after this sort of divine moment, at Palais des Beaux –Arts in Brussels, 13.9.1997, "Overtures to Peace."

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Annelie Löhr-Campion, OUVERTURES a.s.b.l.


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"Vie d'enfant-Kinderleven"

See page 1 of catalog / program BOZAR above:

*Palais des Beaux Arts - BOZAR

Rue Ravenstein 23
1000 Brussels, Belgium


The Palais des Beaux-Arts is a centre of culture in Brussels, a multidisciplinary space designed to host a wide range of artistic events like music, visual arts, theatre, dance, literature, cinema, and architecture.

Architectural masterpiece of Art Déco by Victor Horta, built in 1922-1929, the Palais des Beaux-Arts is one of the jewels in the cultural and architectural heritage of Belgium.

Victor Horta imagined the first House of Culture built in Europe.

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Soeur Marie Kerouz et l’Ensemble de la Paix Myriam Fuks l’Ensemble Roby Lakatos Jean David
Les Derviches Tourneurs Les Derviches Tourneurs Le Lama Karta La Chorale Marivi, France


Some videos from the Gala Concert of Sacred Music:

Opening speeches :

Sister Jayanti, Brahma Kumaris, U.K.
Annabelle Van Nieuwenhuyse, Belgian TV presenter, born in Paris, France
at the occasion of the Gala Concert
of Sacred Music, Brussels, Belgium, 13.9.1997.

Sister Marie Keyrouz and "The Peace Ensemble", Lebanon, "Cantiques de l'Orient"

Our contract doesn't permit  any distribution of her participation in the Gala Concert of Sacred Music.

Myriam Fuks and the "Roby Lakatos Ensemble" Israel - Hungaria

 The "Roby Lakatos Ensemble" Hungaria

 Jean David, France

Whirling Dervishes, Brotherhood Galata Mevlevi, Turkey. The Sema, a spiritual journey.


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Non Profit Association Ouvertures a.s.b.l., Annelie Löhr-Campion, Belgium

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Notre contrat nous permet pas la

diffusion de la participation au "Concert de Gala" de Soeur Marie Keyrouz et l'Ensemble de la Paix.