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Participation of the photo exhibition



Non Profit Association Ouvertures, Annelie Löhr-Campion, Belgium

Former City Hall of Laeken, Brussels, Belgium



Teaching of the young generation within the framework of the Interconvictionnelle Week 


« Meeting to better know each other »

« Moses in the Three Traditions »





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In spite of their differences, religions have similar concerns: How to convey the spiritual and moral values to the new generations? How to educate the youth to respect the faith of those who worship and pray God in a different way to? This educational task is the primary duty of those who are responsible for the religious instruction. I will also adress managers of public life whose mission is to provide the young with appropriate civic education, in order to make them aware of their responsibilities as citizens called to uphold justice, fraternity and respect for individuals, which are the very foundations of social harmony and peace.

This effort should be extended to all sectors of the both public and family life of each country, in words and deeds, by avoiding any act that might hurt and provoke hostile reactions, since feelings are responded to by similar feelings of frienship or aggression. Thus, by making our families and our schools a place where we experience "living together", we construct peace and brotherhood.


H.E. The Bishop Joseph Flavien Melki,
Auxiliary Bishop of the Patriarchal Syrian Catholics
in Lebanon

Quotation from « Events to Promote Peace »,
Brussels, Belgium 1997

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Non Profit Association Ouvertures a.s.b.l., Annelie Löhr-Campion, Belgium

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Former City Hall of Laeken, Brussels, Belgium